Material We Accept


We recycle copper in any condition from air conditioning, plumbing, copper sheets and stripped wire

Copper Pipes Recycle
Copper Scrap Pieces


Common Brass recyclable’s include most plumbing and bathroom fittings and connections.

Brass Tap Recycle
Plumbing fitting Recycle


All types of Aluminium is accepted for scrap metal including Window frames, aluminium fencing, cast aluminium and much more.

Window Frame Recycle Aluminium


Car batteries, sealed batteries and all lead acid batteries accepted

Old Batteries


All types of radiators including aluminium, copper, brass, and radiators from air conditioners can be recycled no matter the condition

Automobile radiator, engine cooling system isolated on white background

Electric Motors

All types of AC and DC Electric motors accepted for recycling including car starter motors and alternators from vehicles and machinery

Electric AC motor three phase induction isolated on white background 3d

Copper Insulated Wire

All insulated wire is accepted for recycling, ranging from 2mm up to 100mm cable as well as general household and industrial cable.

Electric AC DC Cable Recycle


Lead can be found in different forms. Some examples include  Lead- sinkers, Roof flashing and wheel weights will be accepted

Lead scrap recycle

Stainless steel

We recycle all forms of stainless steel including sinks, pipes, Stainless steel sheets and more

stainless steel kitchen sink recycle scrap

Catalyctic converters

We also accept catalyctic converters (Cat converter) and whole exhaust systems from vehicles

Catalyctic cat converter recycle scrap

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